4 thoughts on “intense

  1. It’s awesome! I really love your style! I have to practise a lot to become so great as you are 👏🏻 is it possible to get any illustrations from you? They would be perfectly fit into my living room 😍

    Sketchoman ❤️


    1. Thank you for the appreciation . It matters a lot. Would love to send my art to you . Am still working out terms with e tailers. And will be putting up my works online soon for sale. Prints as well as originals . Will intimate once things are set

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      1. Hi, i finally seem to have worked out all the requisites for printing and shipping my artworks.. Apologies to keep you waiting for so long. If you want any of my artworks please mail me at benphilip2002@gmail.com and i will be glad to share the rest of the details with you. thanks


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